Performance & Process Improvement

We partner with leaders to create customized performance and process solutions that drive repeatable, sustainable, and measurable, business outcomes.  We provide coaching to develop strategic change enablement strategies that will ensure successful deployment and adoption of their business solutions.

  • Performance and process improvement to create streamlined, efficient operational systems that is easier to correctly execute.

  • Change enablement to facilitate faster adoption of change, focusing on middle management’s role in leading change with front line employees.

  • Innovation to develop “leading edge” concepts that accelerate performance to meet customers’ changing expectations.

  • Scalable solutions designed with “glocal” (Global and Local) conditions that enable repeatable, efficient and effective deployment across enterprise geographies.

  • ROI analytics built into the design to evaluate business impact before, during and after deployment to evaluate sustainable business impact.

Talent Development

Our solutions are proven to enhance employee engagement and increase individual, team, and unit capabilities to improve overall performance gaps.  We specialize in talent development programs that cultivate the potential of your team members to optimize your human capital assets.

  • Engagement strategies that enable employees to unleash their potential and empower decision-making.

  • Organizational assessment and development designed to fit your current business needs and growth opportunities.

  • Role Excellence Profiles, capturing the outcomes produced by “top performers” to identify the most relevant knowledge and skills needed for employees to produce exemplary results.

  • Outcome based approach to creating learning solutions that drive behaviors and generate business accomplishments.

  • Succession plans that increase your pipeline with more “ready now” diverse talent.

  • Creative recruitment and on-boarding programs to attract and hire a diverse workforce.

  • Accountability and performance management programs that clarify expectations to produce outcomes and foster ongoing candid feedback.

  • Diverse recognition and incentive programs to reward and incentivize performance in a multi –generational and diverse employment environment.

  • Team optimization to create high performing teams that produce exemplary results in a fast paced, changing culture.

Coaching & Mentoring

Unlock the full potential of your leaders with one on one coaching to increase individual performance, improve employee engagement, and inspire empowerment and results driven behaviors.

  • Manager/Leader 360° feedback including individualized development plan to enhance leadership effectiveness.

  • Individual performance improvement plans that drive accountability for achieving results.

  • On – site observation of employee to provide “real time” feedback and coaching to address competency gaps.

  • Leadership development strategies that promote self-awareness, peer mentoring, on the job action learning.

Human Capital Analytics

Increase the value of your organization by leveraging actionable data to drive decisions and build alignment for your human capital solutions.  We provide leaders with a practical approach of using data to optimize their investments in people, including ROI. 

  • Demonstrate the projected and actual business impact to all stakeholders, which is specifically beneficial with top executives including the chief financial officer.

  • Comprehensive methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of human capital investments.

  • Calculating and forecasting the ROI of solutions that impact employee performance.

  • Demonstrating the potential business value of employee engagement solutions.

  • Determining the cost of intangibles that are difficult to value.

  • Identification of variables that drive sales and margins.


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